Extensive literature review on plasticisers

An extensive review of the literature was performed to identify scientific articles relevant to the exposure assessment of potential plasticiser substances

Extensive literature searches on bromine and ochratoxin A in feed

Two Extensive Literature Searches (ELSs) for relevant studies on Ochratoxin A (OTA) and bromine, bromate and bromide (BRs) in feed were performed

Impact of graphene, graphene oxide and other 2D materials on health, and the environment

Systematic review and critical assessment the health and environmental effects of G, GO, and other 2D- materials

A non-clinical and clinical IUCLID database for 530 pharmaceuticals

A new IUCLID database is provided containing results from non-clinical animal studies and human information for 530 approved drugs

Ontology for pre-clinical and clinical effects

Development of ontological dictionary for for toxicological data (e.g. repeated dose, carcinogenicity and reproductive toxicity)

Adjuvanticity and immunogenicity of proteins

Systematic literature search and critical review on adjuvanticity and immunogenicity of proteins

Literature search on nitrosocompounds in food

Extensive literature search for relevant studies on N-nitrosocompounds analyzed in food

Effects of food emulsifiers on microbiota

Literature search for specific safety topics related to the effect of food emulsifiers and microbiota

Scientific liture search for classification of chemicals

Analysis of the scientific literature for the classification of chemicals according to the CLP regulation EC n.1272/2008