Data entry

Data integration

Data analysis

Focus on: risk assessment, ontology, regulation, safety assessment, drugs, chemicals, CLP, REACH

Chemical data

The chemical industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors. The collection of data on chemicals is of pivotal importance for the R&D, the coordination between policies and the enactment of new national and international regulations. Different area of chemistry such as pharmaceuticals, detergents, commodity chemicals, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, flavors and food ingredients are involved in massive data collection

We provide professional service for the management and organization of physicochemical, toxicological and biological data in structured format

Focus on: systematic search, scientific appraisal, marketing search, prior art search, crtitical assessment, scientific summary

Scientific literature and patent data

The retrieval of scientific data from the literature is of great importance to achieve different goals including the collection of marketing information and those required for regulatory purposes. Considering the unceasing increase in the number and pace of published documents, the collection, collation and summing-up of key information is nowadays a more and more challenging and time-consuming task

We specialize in the retrieval, organization and the summing-up of scientific data from literature to provide focused answer to specific questions

Focus on: drug discoververy, drug repurposing, molecular design, omics, computational techniques, data mining, data analysis

Biological, pharmacological and omics data

The progress in the study of biological systems and the advent of high-throughput techniques have generated large data sets that are increasingy difficult to manage including, biological, bioactivity, pharmacological and omics data. Nevertheless, these data sets constitute a valuable source of knowledge and one of the major challenge nowadays is to extract, report and organize these data in structured formats

We specialize in the retrieval of unstructured data and report them in structured databases so as they can be used to generate new knowledge with data mining and data analysis techniques