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Nanotechnology in Agriculture: A Review of Safety and Policy Implications

Illustration of a vast, green field being sprayed with advanced nanotechnology-enhanced fertilisers and pesticides.

Our collaboration with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) focuses on addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by nanotechnology in agriculture. In alignment with the EU’s Green Deal, Innovamol contributes to the European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials’ (EUON) mission of bolstering transparency on nanomaterial applications in biocidal, plant protection, and fertilizing products. With the promise of improved precision and reduced chemical use, nanotechnology stands as a significant advancement. Yet, potential safety concerns remain paramount. Our systematic review delves deep into the nanoforms of substances, evaluating their safety, benefits, and associated policy implications. By sourcing peer-reviewed literature, research reports, and insights from regulatory bodies, we ensure a comprehensive assessment that aids in refining the regulatory framework for these innovative products.

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