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INTEGRATA PROJECT: Pioneering NAD-Targeted Cancer Therapies and Training Future 

An illustration showcasing scientific activities in the context of the European funded project INTEGRATA.

We investigated NAD production and signalling in cancer in depth as part of a significant partnership with the INTEGRATA consortium, an initiative originating from the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN programme. Our organisation was at the forefront of pioneering cancer research, and our objective was to shed light on the intricate connections that exist between cancer metabolism, NAD biology, and possible therapeutic interventions. With the support of leading academic institutions and top-tier SMEs, our collaboration has enabled us to spearhead an innovative training programme that has the potential to revolutionise cancer therapy. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to cultivating innovative perspectives and supporting the development of future scientific authorities (grant agreement No 813284).

Our scientific publications resulting from the project:

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