We specialized in scientific data, providing data entry, data integration and data analysis capabilities.

Our team

of professionals utilizes cutting-edge data science methodologies to help clients maximize the value of scientific information and data, foster innovation, advance the creation of public policy, and assist in strategic planning across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

We assist

enterprises in navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of science and technology with a strong commitment to quality, accuracy, and efficiency, enabling them to seize new opportunities and enhance their competitive advantage in their respective industries.

At Innovamol, we foster a distinctive triple-win synergistic approach between clients, academic institutions, and our company by bridging the gap and harnessing an extensive pool of underutilized expertise.

Alberto Del Rio

Molecular and Physical Chemist -Computer Science Specialist

Martina Evangelisti

Medical and Forensic Biotechnologist -Toxicology Specialist

Daniele Urbani

Organic Chemist – Scientific Information Specialist

Camilla Bebi

Pharmaceutical Chemist -Environmental Health Specialist

Caterina Rovegno

Organic Chemist Business Developer

Tina Basiripanah

Microbiologist Bioinformatics intern  @UNIBO

Greta Varchi

Industrial and Organic Chemist -Nanomaterial Specialist  @ISOF-CNR 

Marco Daniele Parenti

Pharmaceutical Chemist – Scientific Information Specialist  @ISOF-CNR

Simone Lazzaretti

Executive Account, Communications and Multimedia Publishing Strategist

Michael Z. Guterbock

Senior Consultant in International Affairs, Global Health and Strategic Planning

Carla Marchioro

Scientific Advisor, Pharmaceutical R&D and Drug Discovery Specialist

Jorge Franco Sus

Sustainable chemisty scientist

Usha Padma Rachakonda

AI Scientist @UNIBO

Yellam Naidu Kottavalasa

AI Scientist  @UNIBO

Alessio Pistone

Statistical Scientist  @UNIBO

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