InnoLiterature® database

Streamline Literature Reviews and Rapid Reviews

InnoLiterature ® Database is a powerful, web-based tool designed to simplify and streamline extensive literature review and rapid review projects conducted within our organization. Developed in-house, this user-friendly platform enables our team members to work simultaneously and seamlessly, ensuring transparency, reproducibility, and efficiency. Utilizing the framework of PROSPERO, the database facilitates organizing, annotating, and extracting data with ease, while also supporting compatibility with RIS files and other protocols (e.g., Cochrane). Experience the benefits of a clear and consistent approach to managing your scientific review projects as we harness the power of InnoLiterature ® Database to deliver exceptionally accurate and rapid results for your organization.

InnoLiterature database

InnoCLID ® database

Optimize Chemical Information management

The InnoCLID ® Database is our in-house developed, web-based tool designed to optimize the process of capturing, organizing, and managing chemical information in IUCLID format. This innovative platform enables efficient compilation of chemical data from various sources, including toxicity data, non-clinical animal studies, and human information, streamlining data analysis. InnoCLID ® Database not only enhances scientific and regulatory knowledge but also supports the development of safe-by-design approaches and quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) or mechanistic studies. Experience a more efficient approach to managing and organizing your chemical data with the capabilities of the InnoCLID ® Database.

InnoOntology ® database

Enhanced Data Organization in interdisciplinary science

The InnoOntology ® Database is an innovative, web-based tool that significantly improves the way scientific data is organized and managed. Developed in-house, this advanced platform effectively captures and stores ontology information, ensuring enhanced data organization, standardized terminology, and cross-referencing capabilities. By facilitating interdisciplinary research, InnoOntology ® Database bridges the gap between various scientific disciplines and provides a common language and framework for seamless collaboration. Experience the benefits of accurate, consistent, and easily integrated data as InnoOntology® Database supports machine learning, AI-driven insights, and new discoveries in the realm of scientific data analysis.

InnoOntology database