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Adjuvanticity and immunogenicity of proteins in genetically modified plants

Illustration of a genetically modified plant leaf and its relevance for food and feed risk assessment.

In collaboration with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), our team embarked on a critical assessment of the adjuvanticity and immunogenicity of proteins in genetically modified plants. Leveraging the guidance of EU’s Implementing Regulation No 503/2013, we meticulously reviewed over 299 publications, shedding light on the different factors influencing protein behaviour. Our research investigates the complexities of thermal processing and protein aggregation and digestion, among other topics, which offer profound insights. In the dynamic field of biotechnology, comprehending protein reactions in engineered organisms assumes an increasingly critical significance. Whether you are a biotech pioneer or an agrotech stakeholder, our knowledge and experience can steer your projects towards novel scientific areas.

Interested in evaluating the immunogenicity, adjuvanticity, and allergenicity of new proteins?

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