Navigating the Scientific Maze: How LitSearch Empowers Evidence-Based Innovation

Evidence-based decision making

In today’s world of scientific research and product development, staying informed and compliant is not an option; it is a requirement. There are a lot of tools and services – even AI-powered ones – available, but it can be difficult and intimidating to incorporate them into a unique information block. Innovamol’s LitSearch aims to provide clarity in this complex landscape, offering an unparalleled modular service tailored to meet diverse needs across various sectors. At its core, LitSearch is designed to enhance evidence-based decision-making, a pivotal aspect for any organization seeking to maintain a competitive edge and comply the highest standards of scientific integrity. With LitSearch, stakeholders gain access to a service that emphasizes repeatability, transparency, and clarity, ensuring comprehensive and accurate literature reviews.

In quest of understanding the diverse requirements of different sectors, LitSearch offers three kind of service: ‘Alert’ or ‘Pre-assess’, ‘Dossier’, and ‘Regulation’ services. The ‘Alert’ or ‘Pre-assess‘ service aims to pragmatically identify potential issues or opportunities in current manufacturing processes or new products. This service is designed to focus on the most important pieces of information for decision-making in order to create a perfect balance between costs and output. For instance, a supplement manufacturer can utilize the ‘Alert’ service to continuously monitor scientific data on its ingredients. Additionally, companies working on new products can use the ‘Pre-assess’ service to quickly and clearly understand the future regulatory steps they need to face. The ‘Dossier‘ service, on the other hand, is designed for manufacturers seeking product approvals. It supports in gathering full evidence for new dossiers and manage complex information for regulations, including  LCA, CLP, REACH, and GRAS Notification Program. Lastly, the ‘Regulation‘ service offers comprehensive scientific support for wide-in-scope informed decision-making. For instance, it is ideal for collecting extensive information for Risk Assessment, AOP or marketing initiatives, providing robust scientific opinions to guide effective choices, either originating from regulatory, scientifical, strategic or marketing reasons. Each service of LitSearch is shaped to empower organizations, enabling them to choose the scientific information protocol that is more appropriate with ease and confidence.

As an example of our previous ‘Litsearch Regulation’ work, we published a comprehensive report on the EFSA Journal that was focused on the collection of data regarding novel triggers of celiac disease. Employing the LitSearch protocol for a systematic review, we identified that there are several molecular initiating events that can trigger celiac disease.  This specific research, was organized adopting the Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) framework, highlighting the complexity of celiac disease as influenced by genetic predispositions, dietary habits, and environmental factors. Our LitSearch work in this context aimed to contribute to a clearer scientific understanding to help orienting further regulatory approaches.

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